Quiron University Hospital, Madrid

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June 8, 2017

The COBLATION™ course at the Quiron Hospital, Madrid provides visiting doctors with the opportunity to observe an experienced product user using the technology clinically. Participants can observe live surgery and have the opportunity to discuss surgical procedures, techniques, and applications.

COBLATION™ technology will be presented so that participants can gain a greater understanding of its principles and applications.

A practical workshop will allow attendees to practice the use of the COBLATION™ technology in a safe and controlled environment under the direct supervision of an established product user.

Dr F. Javier Hernández Calvin (ES)

Learning Objectives
• To understand how COBLATION™ can be used effectively in ENT surgery
• Patient selection suitable for use
• Greater understanding of COBLATION™ technology

Participant Profile
• ENT doctors who regularly perform tonsillectomy and tonsillotomy
• Doctors wishing to learn about COBLATION™ technology
• Paediatric and adult ENT doctors

EVAC™ 70 Xtra HP

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