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VERILAST Technology for Knees

VERILAST Technology for Knees

Product Information

VERILAST Technology is combination of our proprietary OXINIUM alloy and a highly cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insert.  The femoral implant itself is made of OXINIUM, a patented metal alloy with the surface transformed to ceramic.  This metal alloy (made primarily of zirconium) undergoes a heating process that transforms the surface into a hard, smooth ceramic—yet it retains all of the strength of the underlying metal.   The  XLPE liner is created by altering chemical bonds in the polyethylene to create a tighter weave at the molecular level. 

These surfaces are on the femoral and tibial sides of the knee joint—with the femoral side being made from OXINIUM and the tibial side using a metal implant with the XLPE liner in between the two implants. 

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